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Something to Talk About – Science and Religion by Pass0

Here are some of the key links from Episode 1: Religion and Science:

A more detailed overview of the conflict between science and religion.

National Geographic article from 2004 about Christian astrophysicist Joel Primack.

Article from 2010 about science and religion; beginning with Stephen Hawking saying that physics no longer has any need for God – he claims the laws of physics created our universe unaided.


Paul Garner

Paul Garner is one of the two speakers that Biblical Creation Ministries supports.

Click on the link to find out more about Paul, and the creationist idea.


Michael Reiss

Read a further interview with Michael Reiss.

In this edition of the BBC’s ethics/religion blog, William Crawley talks to Michael Reiss; mentioning his resignation from the Royal Society and teaching in schools.

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